Dr. Beach Names America's Best Beach 2013:
Main Beach in East Hampton, New York

Patient History:

When you visit the doctor, the first thing you do is fill out a questionnaire to complete your patient history. Dr. Beach's 50 criteria is a survey of his "patients", the 650 public beaches along the U.S. coast.   The beach rating scale provides an objective appraisal of our nation's major public recreational beaches along the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts. 50 Criiteria with a sliding scale from 1 to 5 are used to measure beach quality. The survey was primarily designed for swimming beaches, but this information is also used to determine the best beaches for walking, scenery, sports, and other activities. Click here to view Dr. Beach's 50 Criteria.



Click here to view water temperature averages for swimming at the beach.


Blood Pressure:

Which beaches are best-suited for your activity level?



Learn about waves.


Anatomy (See Below):


Under The Microscope:

Click here to learn about beachcombing and sand collecting.


Hospital Visits

When bad things happen.


Physical Therapy

The need to intervene.


The Manual:

A glossary of beach terminology.

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